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    Fishing by Fisherman


    If recreational fishing is your thing, you came to the right place! Sports fishing tourism is booming, as you certainly know. And with it, millions of fishing tackle and gear options are there for grabs - which might confuse you, right?

    You are not alone. While technology has played a crucial role in producing better gear over time, some novelties have little or no influence in fishing results. You came here to know the difference. We focus on simplifying your fishing experience!




    Edward RodbourneMy dear fellow anglers,

    Firstly, let me introduce myself. My name is Edward Rodbourne and I'm a fishing fan just like you. To expand a little I have been an amateur and professional fisherman during most of my adult life. In the last three decades I've fished in fresh and salt water throughout Europe and the Americas. Most recently, and for a number of years, I was a professional fishing guide in Brazil, Argentina, Uruguay and Paraguay. Some of my exploits have been written up in the Florida Sportsman, The Sunday Times (London) and the Financial Times (London).

    I would need to take up far too much of your time if I were to write about all the different methods and types of fishing that I've been involved with, but all I would say is that even on the dullest of fishing days I've always enjoyed myself. This is the essence of angling – enjoyment. If you also happen to catch a decent fish, well, consider this a bonus of a perfect day.

    I have listened to many anglers talking at length (sometimes far too much!) about rods, reels, lines, lures etc. We all have our personal preferences and I've found from my personal experience that you can fish extremely well with all sorts of equipment at very reasonable prices. Angling need not be an expensive hobby. Money does not catch fish ...good anglers do!

    The idea of my site is to offer a varied line of good value for money angling products which any amateur angler can use and enjoy. So, tight lines and good fishing, remembering always to look after all the magic places you fish at.


    Edward Rodbourne


    The idea is very simple. Assist amateur anglers in optimizing their recreational fishing experiences by...

    • offering essential tackle and accessories;
    • providing great quality for the price;
    • suggesting alternatives;
    • giving tips whenever possible.

    We sell worldwide, so customers must allow 2-4 weeks for delivery, frequently less to US, UK, AU, NZ, and most EU countries. However, great fishermen are patient, and that's why we adopted this online business model.

    By the way, our online store means we avoid an array of fixed costs, being able to pass the savings on to you.

    And this is how the was born. We really hope you like it. 

    AudreyAudrey and I will assist you 'in case of fire' and anytime you might need help. Just contact us.

    Welcome aboard!